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What happens when you get to a point in your research that you find yourself “stuck”? You look for guidance. Either find another researcher, and ask questions, read a book, or Google information on how to _____ . No matter which path you take, your desire is to find out more about the topic you are seeking.

No one person can be a master in all areas of genealogy research. Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it takes a community to create a family tree. Sometimes the information we find seems overwhelming, or is written in terms that are to technical to get a grasp.

Anscavating wants to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, while gaining a better understanding of the areas that you need in order to grow your family tree. Helping others, while you help yourself. 

Need help with sorting out Smiths that lived in Kentucky during the 1850s? Post your questions on the forums, and see if another Kentucky Smith researcher can help. Many times one person may not have the answers, but by working together you can meet your objective. 

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