About Anscavating

How “Anscavating” Came to Be

I have heard several times that you should blog about your brickwall ancestors. One, in particular, has been driving me nuts for the past 5 years. So I thought to myself what the heck, let’s give it a try.

My husband gave me the idea for the name.  He mentioned something about me and excavating (as in excavating ancestors) and I thought he said escapade instead. Long story short “Anscavating” popped up in my head…

I knew I wanted to add a forum for others to be able to use. I have come across several DNA matches who do not subscribe to ancestry and cannot use the message boards, as well as a lot of the other boards have closed over the last few years. I decided I would give others the opportunity to post/discuss their own brickwalls as well.

Because I work full time, I do not post on a regular basis. If you subscribe to the email, I will send you updates to the site. You will always be kept up-to-date, and I will not overload your inbox.

About Me:

I started genealogy, not realizing this would become so much a part of my life. My grandmother had started researching my grandfathers line, and before she passed in the 1990s, she handed her research down to my mother.

One day my mother was talking about how she wished she knew more information about an ancestor. I convinced her to let me have the information, and see what I could find. I didn’t think it would take too much effort, with the internet and all that is available online today that was not available in the 1990s. It didn’t take long, and I was hooked!

Before I really knew what I was doing, I started building the tree, everything was so easy with all those ancestry trees… Until I realized most of them go astray at some point.

What I have to offer you is the perspective of an OCD perfectionists’ genealogy journey, who found herself in a big mess of wayward trees, and finding her way back.

My hope is that you will take Anscavating and use it. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, take a look around, and enjoy the journey. But before you go, please, drop me a line let me know what you think. I very much want to make Anscavating a community for you to use.


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