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Categories of Genealogy Sources & Evidence

This is an explanation of the different categories of genealogy sources & evidence, listing the criteria of each. Categorizing alerts you to which sources are more prone to errors than others & strengthen the credibility of the conclusion.   Sources:...

Reasonably Exhaustive Research

The first step in using the Genealogy Proof Standard provides a method to examine all the evidence that may be relevant to the question you are seeking.  This will reduce the chance that any undiscovered information may surface at a later time. Exhaustive research...

When the Family Tree Looses a Branch

I often think of him in many ways, but when it comes to researching, I find myself asking him to send me a hint, and smile. He loved to laugh & joke and I can imagine he’s sitting there giving me all kinds of clues, knowing I will not even realize that he has done it.

Case Study: Thomas Jefferson Short

The parentage of Thomas Jefferson Short has been eluding researchers for a while. Follow me as I trace his parentage, using Courthouse Research and DNA. We will also be discussing other family members: William S Short, Elizabeth Short, James Robert Short, Joshua Mastin Short, and Isaac Short.

Genealogy Research Log

Have you ever found yourself retracing research, or looking at the same information twice? … Overall, if you make a habit of using a research log in your workflow, you will save time, and be able to source your information much easier.

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