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    As I said in the post about Thomas Jefferson Short – The YDNA results of a descendant of Thomas (Y2) thru his son, Henry, and those of a descendant of James Robert Short, who I will call Y3. I have already spoken about the results of Y2 in the post.

    Y3 results came back with the closest surnames of: 1 Merchant, 3 Lane, and 4 Bean. Tidence Lane was the Baptist minister who later got involved in the estate of James Short that died in 1798. William Bean is an original settler of the Grainger and Hawkins County area in Tennessee.

    I am not sure how all this plays out yet. However, in the Grainger County court records, I did find an entry pertaining to James Orr who was the administrator of James estate, where he (Orr) had a “house of entertainment”

    The estate of James Short was in debt to James Orr by the time of the final settlement. Is it possible Elizabeth may have worked off the debt at his house of entertainment? I have not been able to find any bastardy cases naming Elizabeth or those by the surnames mentioned. but records for the time period have not been that plentiful, and I wonder if it is possible the bastardy fine was paid before going to court.

    In the YDNA surname groups, there are Beans and Lanes in the same family groups in both projects, of which Y3 is a match to both groups. One on the Lane project & one on the Bean project. And of course, the project match both William Bean & Tidence Lane. I would also like to mention that in the book that contains the marriage record of Thomas & Catherine is an entry for Tidence Lane Jr.

    some of the information we have found so far:

    Robert Lane who was born in Washington County TN, 1778, married Mary Chapman. Died Barren County KY 1827. His Parents were David Layne and Sarah Merchant – one of Roberts sons was John, born 1802 Washington County, TN. This John Lane is an ancestor of a YDNA match of Y3.

    Most recently this was on the FTDNA groups activity feed: (both written by the same person)
    Looking for information on ancestors of those listed in Group B-01, of the FTDNA Y-DNA charts and FTDNA matches. While I have the Lane surname it appears most of the matches are Beene or Bean. The probable ancestor, Tidence Lane was married to his first cousin, Rhoda Ann Lane. Who, at some time was married to a Robert Bean. Would appreciate any information.
    Looking for information regarding the ancestors of those listed in Group 5. FTDNA match shows Beans rather than Lanes. Best apparent information I have is Tidence Lane and Robert Bean were at some time married to Rhoda Ann Lane, Tidence Lane’s first cousin.

    I have since done an autosomal test on both Y2 and Y3, Still waiting on the results.

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